• The company recognises the paramount importance of the protection of the environment, its flora and fauna.

  • In undertaking its business, the company recognises that without appropriate procedures and control measures, it has the potential to cause damage to the environment.

  • The company will minimise the environmental impacts of its activities, prevent pollution and continually improve its environmental performance.

  • Ensure environmental legislation is complied with, and perform our statutory environmental responsibilities.

  • Methodology For Implementation Of Objectives

  • Employ systems and procedures that ensure the Company’s compliance with all relevant legislation relating to the environment.

  • Promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials and resources, minimising consumption, maximising efficiency and effectively managing wastes both within the company’s office and on location.

  • Avoid waste and encourage the conservation, reuse and recycling resources.

  • The directors will provide training and resources to its staff to ensure that the environmental policy of the company is implemented.

  • Avoid waste and encourage the reuse and recycling of resources.

  • Reduce and implement procedures to minimize noise pollution to the surrounding area.

  • Implement site specific health, safety and environmental plans.

  • Include environmental issues in the company’s annual report to review performance and make any necessary recommendations for the future.

  • Include sustainability principles in any design, procurement and operation activities.

  • Reviewing this policy to ensure that environmental issues arising from new developments and changes to legislation are properly considered.

  • All materials will be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and COSH assessments.

  • All mechanical plant will be in good condition, properly silenced and regularly serviced.

  • The company will at all times consider the local ecology whilst commencing activities.

  • The company will ensure controls are in place for the prevention of pollution, which is the preferred option at all times rather than remedial action.

  • Reduce and manage dusts and emissions.

    The participation and co-operation of all employees is vital to the success of this policy

  • Signed:
    Radu N. Lupsa
    Company Director

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